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Investment Advisory

Nelson Capital Advisors is a registered investment advisor that specializes in working with community-based financial institutions.

We offer comprehensive asset management services, providing advice and recommendations on fixed income and equity securities.  Advice may also be given on broader asset/liability and related topics as requested.  Investment advisory services may be provided on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis as determined by our clients.  We are not a brokerage firm, allowing us to provide objective guidance and advice for our clients.

Our Approach


Investment recommendations and strategies are based on your financial institution’s objectives, need, policies, and risk appetite.  Nelson Capital Advisors works with clients on a one-on-one basis to develop a customized plan for the investment portfolio and security selection.

Balance Sheet Focus

Your investment portfolio should not be managed in a vacuum.  Nelson Capital Advisors considers an institution’s overall asset/liability position and its related risk exposures when developing investment strategies and recommendations.  This ensures that the investment portfolio helps work toward your institution’s desired risk/reward goals.

Independent & Objective

As an independent, fee-based investment advisor, Nelson Capital Advisors takes a client-based focus when making recommendations.  Because we have no broker/dealer affiliations, we always act in the best interest of our clients.  This approach helps to achieve best trade execution and objectivity regarding suitable investment guidance.

The Investment Process

Nelson Capital Advisors provides customized strategies and recommendations that are based on the risk/reward profile of the client. The investment analysis and portfolio management process incorporates several key factors.  These include your specific needs and objectives; the characteristics, risks and relative value of each investment sector or security type; and the current economic and capital market environment.  Nelson Capital Advisors takes these factors into consideration in developing customized and in-depth investment strategies that are appropriate and suitable.

How the Process Works

Evaluate the Balance Sheet

The process starts with a review of your balance and portfolio needs.  Your institution’s asset/liability position, potential risk exposures, income requirements, liquidity needs, and risk tolerance are all taken into account.  Additionally, we consider portfolio diversification, sector weights, duration targets, and investment policy parameters.

Assess Market Environment

Current economic and market conditions are taken into account.  For fixed income securities, these factors include current and forward interest rates, yield curve slope, and interest rate spreads.  For equity investments, earnings, dividends, and relative value are primary drivers, along with other qualitative, quantitative, and fundamental factors.


Complete Pre-Purchase Analysis

Prior to the investment recommendation, Nelson Capital Advisors prepares a pre-purchase assessment,  outlining the characteristics, risks, rationale and suitability of the proposed investment.


Execute Trade

Once an investment idea has been approved, we implement the recommendation, seeking best execution from approved brokers, and works with you to help ensure successful security settlement.


Monitor Investments

After a transaction has been completed, Nelson Capital Advisors continues to monitor the investment to be sure it still meets the overall objectives that were established at the time of purchase.

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